Rat Pack

Welcome to the Rat Pack Dog Sports Web site!
Here you can find out about up coming agility and rally-o (obedience) events as well as download premium lists.

We host five AAC agility trials throughout the year as well as sponsor one hosted by K9 Thunder. These trials are held indoors at the OAS Event Centre (Orangeville Agricultural Fairgrounds).


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Upcoming Trials
Click on the dates to obtain premium lists.


October 14th & 15th Indoors CONFORMATIONS
(Judges: Sharon Ransom and Gary White)

November 11th & 12th Indoors
(Judges: Arlene Lehmann and Jennifer Lidbury)


January 27th and 28th
February 24th and 25th (K9 Thunder)
April 21st and 22nd
October 13th and 14th
November 10th and 11th